NoLimit Dashboard is an All-In-One Social Media Dashboard

to help you managing all of your social media task from one tool

This is a web-based application with aim to track and analyze your current brand presence based on people opinion on social media. NoLimit Dashboard keep evolving from a piece of research, to 1st version, and finally the 2nd version with rich feedbacks from our users.

  • Conversation Tracking
  • People Tracking
  • Supporting Data
  • Engagement Panel
  • Team Collaboration
  • Complete Streams
    Buzz & Reach
    NoLimit tracks all conversation about your brand and also measures its virality (reach). We track Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and forum as well.
    Sentiment Analysis
    We analyze all conversation about your brand and classify it into 4 groups of sentiment : positive, negative, and neutral with 86% level of accuracy for Bahasa Indonesia.
    Popular Issue & Hashtag
    NoLimit gives you reference for popular issues and emerging hashtags based on conversation about your brand.
    Issue Categorization
    Conversations can be categorized into several defined categories to give you more comprehensive information about the breakdown of all conversation about your brand.
    Top Post Made & Clicked Link
    NoLimit measures and ranks the impact of posts you have spread to social media by their number of retweets, likes, and comments.
    Unique Buzzer
    Number of unique users who mention, comment, or talk about your brand in Twitter, Facebook, Online News, and Forum.
    Followers & Fans Growth
    NoLimit provides information about your follower and fans growth within certain period of time.
    People Background
    NoLimit gives you information about background of people who talk about your brand or campaign. This information includes location, interest, gender, and timezone.
    Top People
    Top People are people who frequently talks about your brand in social media. We rank them by the quantity of conversation and number of follower (Twitter).
    Peak Time
    Peak time gives you information about day and time when the highest level of conversation about your brand occurs.
    Multiple Campaign Selector
    NoLimit Dashboard system is based on campaign. The term “Campaign” refers to a set of accounts and keywords that define a brand, event, organization, or others.
    Time frame in NoLimit Dashboard is adjustable, made to enable you to monitor conversation about your brand or campaign in a certain period of time.
    Campaign Objective
    NoLimit eases you to monitor the progress of your campaign by setting up certain types of parameter to define a success of a campaign.
    Flexible Object Comparison
    NoLimit gives you flexibility to see the competition between your brand and competitors in social media by comparing sort of parameters such as number of mentions or followers.
    Advanced Widget
    Advanced widget gives you access to create important widget on your own preferred metrics such as Share of Voice or Electability.
    Multiple Collaborators
    A Campaign can be operated by more than one users with different level of privileges.
    Discussion Board
    Discussion board allows the campaign collaborators to discuss your campaign like instant messaging without leaving the Dashboard.
    Advanced Post Scheduler
    A monthly view of post scheduler. This feature gives you overview of upcoming posts that have been scheduled before.
    Team Monitoring
    This feature is created to monitor the performance of your team, especially collaborators who are in charge in Engagement panel. It measures the record of posts made, response rate, and response time of collaborators.
    Clean & Complete Streams
    NoLimit engine is able to capture all conversation about your brand and produce clean and relevant data based on your objectives.